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My 25 for 25 Challenge

25 for 25 challenge, in aid of Cransley Hospice.

I am currently in the long process of completing a sponsored challenge for my local hospice.


Cransley Hospice is a local hospice near where I live.

It is celebrating 25 years of providing free, quality, end of life care.

'Cransley Hospice provide care for patients with a life-limiting illness who need the specialist help of hospice care. This care takes in all aspects of the person i.e. physical and mental health, spiritual and social care (holistic care) and at home (whether this is your own home, a care home etc.}'

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About Me

I am Robbie Greenwood. I am 11 years old. I am home educated and attend the gym every Friday morning, in term times, to complete a cardiovascular workout.

I have chosen to use my gym sessions alongside improving my own health and workbeing, to help support the work which goes on at Cransley Hospice.


I intend to complet my challenge across 5 sessions but will take longer if necessary.

I will cycle 5km on the exercise bike. COMPLETED

I will row 5000m on the rowing machine. STARTED 1500/5000m

I will use the skill mill for a full 5 minutes each week for 5 weeks - COMPLETED

I will run 5km on the treadmill STARTED 0.5/5km

I will complete 5 press ups minimum each week 40 COMPLETED so far in 5 weeks.

I will complete 25 repetitions on each of the 5 strength machines I use, one machine to be completed on each of my 5 sessions. COMPLETED

This will fulfill 25 for 25 at least twice.

Each of my sessions are adjucicated by my mum to ensure I actuall complete each section of the challenge.

I have been doing this challenge for 5 weeks so far, and will continue until it is complete.

Maybe you could think of something to do to help raise much needed funds for a charity near you.

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You are a little star Robbie ❤️ what an achievement ❤️and you are a motivation for all of us🤗


Sam Newman
Sam Newman
May 29, 2023

Well done Robbie

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