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Little Crafters Lessons
Monthly interactive lessons via a private YouTube channel (also available in your members area)

Lessons and Workbooks



Every month

Interactive lessons for hands on learners & workbooks for those who love a more structured approach

Valid until canceled

Monthly Science, Maths, Computational Thinking and more!

Cancel whenever you like.

One per family (not per child)

NEW! 3 x Free monthly digital workbooks from July 2023

Something for Everyone
Lessons colour coordinated by difficulty level. Mapped to AQA Unit Award scheme units

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Free Workbooks
Free monthly downloadable workbooks available with lessons subscription.


Lessons subscription (no obligation) membership, where children aged 4- 14 are set a monthly practical  challenges in a variety of topics (at KS1- KS4). 

Challenges are set during a live stream over on YouTube, and learners are able to access whatever level of challenge that is appropriate for them.

Practical tasks are offered (with varying levels of difficulty). Children are encouraged to do just the ones that they feel they can access, or find interesting.

Do you Collect Children's University Hours?

Gain 1 hour of Children's University Stamps every month with every lesson your child attends


What do Our Members Say?

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