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My dog’s autism training!!!

This is Lennon!

He’s my autism assistance dog in training, which means he helps me in things I find hard as an autistic person. His training is VERY hard but soooooo worth it!

I usually take him to places with lots of people and other dogs, to test his skills. He is allowed anywhere legally, because he is an ASSISTANCE dog, not an emotional support dog.

A lot of people follow the misconception that he is an emotional support dog, and sometimes I need to correct them. He also can’t play with other dogs when hes out with me and training, or have people stroke him, because he is working VERY hard not to get distracted and this completely throws him off.

Don’t be worried, when he’s at home he’s just like every other puppy! He plays with his sister (a dachshund named Pip), and with lots of toys! And he comes to bed with me every night, he has walks everyday, we’ll even celebrate his birthday!

It’s very hard not to stroke him, I know, but regardless of this, he is working.

Sometimes people don’t understand and they get in an argument with the assistance dog’s owner. Luckily, we’ve only had 1 bad experience with this, but still it is very traumatic for the dog and the owner, so it’s best if you try to understand. You should ask anyone before you stroke a dog, even for other reasons! For example, they might be scared of other humans or dogs, they might even be a bit aggressive when scared. Assistance dogs aren’t just for autism, they can also be for blind people, people with epilepsy or even diabetes!

This text was made to make everyone aware of assistance dogs, the brilliant work they do, and how strong the bond is between a dog and it’s owner. Also, I’d love to know if you have any pets or assistance animals? Bye

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Krissie Yates
Krissie Yates
Oct 06, 2023

What an amazing blog, thank you for helping us to understand xx


This is brilliant!

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