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Little Crafters Boxes Ltd became official in June 2021 when the company moved into its Lincolnshire workshop. 

Starting as a learning subscription box for children, the company grew in popularity and now offers a range of educational services from hands on kits to educational learning programs, online lessons, events and a blog, for which children can and parents can write in for.

The communities the company has built across it's social media platforms are more like a supportive family. It provides a safe space for learning and togetherness where families may have struggled before. 

"I was experimenting with "learning through play" in my own classroom throughout my last years of teaching. Working with SEN children, and those with behavioural difficulties, teaching GCSE and A level computer science was no easy task using conventional teaching methods.

I had to find another way. I was having some major breakthroughs in what I was able to do but this fell on deaf ears for years, in a mainstream thinking kind of way, where everyone was expected to fall into line, and do it how they were told. Frustrated and uninspired, I left teaching altogether, after fifteen years. There is so much more when you look outside that box!

We launched a "learning through play" STEM subscription box which took off like a rocket in Jan 2021, but this was just the start. Learning our customers pain points, we started to add more.. Children's University hours, AQA accreditation, computational thinking lessons, an online community... it kept on going.. Now we have become a structured one stop dream for parents who were lost in the dark not long ago.  Using a mainstream framework, but a not so mainstream approach I have started to bridge the gap between home educating families who have been failed by the system, and mainstream education, who need to make these anomalies somehow fit.

We are so much more than a subscription company now. The kits are part of a much bigger picture. There is a huge community of followers on social media, growing everyday. They call us the Little Crafters Family because everyone is so supportive. Qualifications and recognition is available, a company magazine run by the children, Computational Thinking club, free parent support AND annual progress reports will be coming soon! (Even this is just the tip of the iceberg.. There is so much to get involved with if you want to)

The whole thing just works, and we are seeing little miracles everyday. Magic!

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