Meet the Founder


I'm Radha, mum of 2, and former STEM teacher of fifteen years, eight of which were in special education. I founded Little Crafters Boxes in January 2021. I firmly believe that the best learning happens through play (no matter how old you are!). When our brains are engaged, and curious about how something works, we are naturally more switched onto it and want to find out as much as we can. 


That's the magic I want Little Crafters Boxes to encompass. The vision is for each box to be as special as the last, and to bring "awe and wonder" moments to every child in the country. STEAM (Science, tech, engineering arts and maths) is not something to be feared. It is literally all around us and there is something interesting to learn from everything we can (and can't) see.  

The business has grown quickly and is developing into a much bigger beast than I ever imagined.  My teaching career and love of learning is deeply ingrained into me, and in the current climate, I feel it is necessary to reach out to children more than ever. It's a great way to marry together all my skills and I am excited to be driving the Little Crafters Boxes Train.