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We are now taking mid year registrations

Registering with us now will give you access to AQA Unit Award Scheme (Units from February 2024- July 2024). Other units from the AQA database can be submitted to us at a cost of £25 each

If you represent a school, local authority or have an EOTAS child, click here

Last Chance Offer!

Register now for mid year with us and get ALL the digital workbooks from February- July (worth £99.50) FREE OF CHARGE.

Workbooks will be emailed to you after sign up.

They contain support you need to get going for all the units we have brought out since February!

Doors for mid year registrations close 30 May 2024.

Mid Year Registration- Ed Pack



One payment for the rest of the academic year

Valid until canceled

Submit unlimited LCB chosen units

Valid until 30th July 2024

Confused? Watch this video to help you get started

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