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Science with Joe - Air and gasses

This week's Science class was all about air and gasses

First, we made 3 different-shaped sails, a triangle, a square, and a circle, we added them one at a time to our boat and used a fan to move the air to see which moved the best, it was the triangle.

Next, we poured water into a test tube, it went in ok, then we sealed the gap between the funnel and the test tube with clay and tried again, this time the water didn't go into the test tube, proving that the test tube was full of air that we couldn't see.

We then pipetted vinegar onto bicarb and watched it make gas and bubble and fizz. we then tried to catch this gas by putting the bicarb in a balloon and the vinegar in a bottle, we then carefully attached the balloon to the bottle, and when we tipped the bicarb in the bottle it reacted with the vinegar making a gas that then blew up our balloon

Love Joseph

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