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My Rainforest Project by Sherlock Clement (10)

This month I am learning about the Rainforest. My first activity was to build a rainforest animal in Minecraft. I choose to build a parrot. It was a challenge but I managed to make it look organic in the end. I am very happy with my build.

This month I'm looking forward to visiting 'The Living Rainforest' in Berkshire. I'm also looking forward to doing this months builds from my Little Crafters box.

I really enjoy doing the Little Crafters builds, thanks you for all your hard work to everyone at Little Crafters!

Sherlock age 10

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Great parrot Sherlock 🦜


Krissie Yates
Krissie Yates
Feb 05, 2023

Your parrot is fantastic, well done 😃

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