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Why I love Little Crafters Boxes

I love Little Crafters Boxes because they have done so much for my children and our family as a whole. Karson my youngest has been on one amazing journey since we joined LCB, he has gone from being a reluctant learner and point blank refusing to engage in learning, to asking to learn about specific things. He loves the builds and gets so excited when the boxes arrive each month, he's gone from needing support with the builds, to getting stuck in on his own. The boxes have brought out the real Karson for all to see, his confidence has skyrocketed, he believes in himself, he interacts with others, he comes up with ideas of items that could go in the boxes, he sends voice notes to Radha, emails Radha and does videos for the community that we share in the group. The AQA awards have been the making of him, he is so proud when I read the emails to him to say he has passed. From a reluctant learner who wouldn't engage with others to a very excitable boy who does videos for others to see, send voice notes, started guitar lessons, kickboxing, ice-skating and forest school. LCB have opened up a whole new world by allowing Karson to truly shine and show others what an amazing little boy he is. Thank you so much, from a super proud mum xx

By Krissie Yates

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