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Carry on with AQA UAS Payment Plan in 23/24

  • If you have access to this page, it is because you opted for a monthly payment plan last year, when signing up to the education pack, which will shortly be expiring. (£8.99 per month)

  • This plan does not exist on the website anymore for new people, so we wanted to give you the option to extend it for another 12 months if you wish to continue with us next year.

  • You can extend your plan by filling in the form below and paying the difference between 2022 and 2023 prices (£12 per child). Once done, your plan will continue as normal.

  • You must fill in this form before your plan expires. Once it expires, we are unable to make it live again. (in other words be super quick!)

Extend my plan

Stay on your existing plan another year


Thanks for your order!

  • Your child's candidate number will stay the same.

  • Fill in the form multiple times for multiple children

  • There is a £12 charge per child (the difference between last year's price and this years price)

  • If your existing plan expires (or fails), then this is not something we can reverse. You must complete this process before the last active day of your plan.

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