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Who am I?

I'm Radha. Founder of Little Crafters Boxes, mum of two, former STEM teacher of fifteen years, SEN specialist and exams officer. Lover of all things sustainable. Determined to help make the world a better place one dream at a time. Over the last year, some of my favourite projects have been to invest in a decomposing toilet for our workshop, make briquettes from offcuts of wood to fuel my winter heating and bring actual recognised certification to home ed children across the country, where there was none before. There are plenty more dreams appearing as others become realised so I am excited about the coming year to see what other boundaries I can push and people I can help.

Life is short. You can only do a dream justice if you at least try and make it real. Live every day without boundaries, or fear of judgement. Be kind to the people around you and look for the beauty in everything you do.

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