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Visiting a Spanish Library

Hello fellow crafter and blogger friends. A few days ago Mummy and I visited a Spanish library in a town called Tore Del Mar. Tore Del Mar means Tower by the beach because it has a lighthouse on the promenade. In the library we chose some Spanish books to help me learn more Spanish. We found a table to sit at and spent some time reading and reciting the words. In this library the Librarian stamps a date on a ticket inside the book before you take it home so you know when to bring it back. Mummy said that's how it was in the U.K too when she was young. I enjoyed my library visit. From Percy. Travel and adventure correspondent.

From Percy. Travel and adventure correspondent.

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Krissie Yates
Krissie Yates
23 feb 2023

What a fabulous time you're having, thanks for sharing with us

Me gusta
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