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Thursday Night Lives- A Breath of Fresh Air

LCB live 9 Mar 2023

I’ve started so I’ll finish...

Trying to listen to a Thursday night live through my wireless earbuds while comforting my screaming

baby is not how I normally like to roll! However, as many parents will know, sometimes things don’t

go to plan. But it does show just how important these weekly online get-togethers have become to


As I listened along to familiar chat about ‘what drink do you have tonight’ and a new ‘Take That – How Deep is your... Learning’ quiz section I calmed down... my somewhat stressful evening paled into the background, and I was able to breathe deeply. I sat holding my little one’s hand through his cot and he stopped crying. He started to breathe deeply, almost as if he could feel *my* shoulders relaxing. He slept. I was able to chat to my friends. Because although it might sound trite or weird, that is what this community has become... my online friends. Fellow parents and carers getting throughour days, trying to do our best for our kids.

Radha was delighted with how much information she has retained in her newly discovered long-term memory from the learning happening alongside the boxes and their topics. That’s what the quiz was about – a fun few questions to show us how much we are learning alongside our kids. The huge stack of AQA certificates got us just as excited and proud as the children will be when they receive them.

The lives are a breath of fresh air for me, a moment for me to reflect on the bigger picture, an opportunity to remember that there are people who love their kids like I love mine, and there are people who care about my kids along with me. What a great way to unwind!

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