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Splendid scarecrows?

They are cute and super easy to make, but there is far more to the straw people than first meets the eye!

  • The first known scarecrows were used in ancient Egypt to protect crops from birds.

  • In medieval Britain, there was an actual job called "bird scarer," where young boys would wander the fields throwing things at birds to scare them away.

  • The word "scarecrow" first appeared in English novels in 1719 in the book Robinson Crusoe.

  • The most famous scarecrow is probably the one from The Wizard of Oz, who was in search of a brain.

  • Scarecrows are often seen as symbols of protection, hope, and harvest.

  • In some cultures, scarecrows are believed to have magical powers.

  • There are scarecrow festivals held all over the world, including the Urchfont Scarecrow Festival in England and the Scarecrow Festival in Maryland.

  • Scarecrows have been featured in many movies and TV shows, including The Wizard of Oz, The Simpsons, and The Walking Dead.

Here are some additional interesting facts about scarecrows:

  • The most common materials used to make scarecrows are straw, old clothes, and sticks.

  • Scarecrows are often decorated with hats, scarves, and other items to make them look more human.

  • Some scarecrows are even given names and personalities.

  • Scarecrows can be used for more than just scaring birds away. They can also be used to decorate gardens, yards, and festivals.

  • Scarecrows have become a popular symbol in Halloween decorations.

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