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Something that Every Eco Conscious Business should do

A composting toilet is not everyone's first choice of throne. This could be that we have become so normalised to flushing our bits and pieces away in fresh water that it seems like the only sanitary way to live. This is simply not true. A composting toilet is a dry toilet, which turns human waste into compost by keeping the wee and the poo separate (thus not so smelly). The process is super simple.

Naturally, once you have invested in a composting toilet, the next step is to get all the staff to familiarize themselves with their new "reading room" and remind the men that even they have to sit down to do their business. This helps to keep everything nice and separate.

Finally, after use, all you need is a sprinkling of sawdust, and you are good to go. No flush required. The poo will almost immediately start to decay and when the biodegradable bag is full, it can be lifted and replaced to do it all over again.

I don't know about you but I think it is a great addition to those wanting to live more sustainably, off grid or even those that do not have access to services in areas where they may reside.

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