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Science With Joe - The Weather

In Science class today we learned about the weather.

We touched a plasma ball, watching the electricity move, we then touched the ball with a lightbulb and saw how it lit up, we made our own electricity to light our lightbulb using a balloon rubbed on our hair, this was static electricity.

We then made a rainbow by colouring the ends of a piece of kitchen roll and putting each end in a beaker of water, as the water went up the paper it took the colour with it forming a rainbow. We then made magic pictures, we had 2 pieces of paper, one with a black outline, and we coloured the other one and popped it underneath so you couldn't see it, when we put it in water the colour came through in the picture.

Next, we made rain, we added blue water to a shaving foam cloud on top of clear water when the cloud was saturated the blue rain came through.

Finally, we made a tornado in a bottle, we had 2 bottles attached together, water in one, we turned it up so the water was at the top and whizzed it round, it made a tornado in the bottle and the water ran down into the bottle below really fast.

It was great fun today

Love Joesph

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