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Science with Joe - Snow

Today in my Science Class we learned about Snow

We made a Snow storm in a Jar

We were given a Jar with clear liquid in in and white powder "snow" at the bottom of the Jar, we then had to pipet another clear liquid into the Jar, and when the second liquid hit the powder it reacted and the Jar bubbled and the powder fizzed and the powder all bubbled up to the top and the snowstorm was created.

Next, we made Snow Slime

We had a bowl with shaving foam in it, we added some PVA glue to this and mixed it up, next we added some Bicarbonate of soda and glitter and mixed that in too, finally we mixed in a little contact lens solution and then the mixture got sticky! we mixed it until it was all stuck together in a ball.

We got it out of the bowl and rolled it around and played with it, seeing how far we could stretch it, etc. It was fun playing with the slime, it was soft rather than sticky.

Lastly, we put a bit of the slime on the end of a straw and blew down the straw to try to make a bubble "Snowball" It was fun trying to make a snowball but it was more fun trying to break mummy's snowball as she was blowing it up!!



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