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Science with Joe - Skeleton

Today we learned about the Skeleton.

We started the lesson with a game, everyone had a piece of paper with 6 pictures of bones and a toy skeleton.

The teacher pointed to a part of her body and we had to put our skeleton on the picture of the bone we thought was in that part of the body.

I did quite well, I got head, foot, hand, and ribs right, I struggled a bit with the pelvis and backbone!! but it was fun.

Next, we made a model person from play dough and added the bones (cottonwool buds) to represent the skeleton.

Then our final thing was to make a moving hand.

We hand cut out of card and 3 straws, the straws were cut to represent the bones in our fingers and hand, they were threaded with string. then it was all stuck to the hand with double-sided tape, the big straw in the hand, and the little straws on the fingers, and finally, the end of the string was stuck to the other side of the fingertips. when the string is pulled the fingers bend!! it was a bit hard to make but it was fun to play with.

Love Joseph

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