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Science with Joe - Seeds

Science class was all about seeds today

First, we opened up a seed to see what it looked like inside, we could see the start of the root beginning to grow

Then we matched the seeds to the pictures and made a greenhouse out of a glove for our seeds. we wet some cotton wool (5 pieces in total), added our seeds to each piece of cotton wool, and put one bit of cotton wool and the seeds in each of the fingers of a glove, we then labelled each one so we knew which was which, we then blew the glove up without popping it and tied the end so we created a greenhouse, when we got home we hung it in the window.

Next, we made a grass head ready to grow at home, we took some tights, put in grass seeds, then added soil and tied the end up, we stood this up in a pot and made a face on it, and we watered it and hopefully, the grass will grow and be the hair for our face.

Love Joe xx

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Can't wait until your seeds grow.

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