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Science with Joe - Reflections

In my science class, we learned about reflections.

I had my name written forwards and backwards, when I looked at my name written forwards in the mirror I couldn't read it when I looked at my name written backwards in the mirror it was my name in the mirror and I could read it.

We then looked at a convex and a concave mirror, in the concave mirror the image I saw was upside down, we used a picture of arrows to prove it.

We used coloured blocks to make a line in front of the mirror and then counted how many we could see!

We used 3 mirrors to make a box and then put a couple of sticks in front of the mirror and made a square with the reflections, you could try it, tape 2 mirrors together and stand them on their sides at 90 degrees to each other on top of a third mirror, then put sticks in front of the mirror and see what shapes you can make.

For our last project, we made a kaleidoscope, I decorated a toilet roll middle and a circle of paper, then I tapes 3 strips of mirrored card together to make a triangular tube to go inside the toilet roll middle (mirrored side facing inwards) then I stuck a straw to the outside of the roll and attached my circle on it so it can spin. It was great fun, why don't you have a go?

Love Joseph

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Krissie Yates
Krissie Yates
Nov 28, 2022

Well done Joe, what a fun session you've had xx


Thank you Joe for sharing this with us. We will try with 3 mirrors to come up with more patterns.

Replying to

Amazing, enjoy xx

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