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Science with Joe - Penguins

In my Science class, we learned about Penguins.

We discussed how they kept warm in the snow, we did an experiment to find out, we had a bowl of ice water, and we tested it with our bare hand, a hand covered in a feather mitten and a hand covered in a blubber mitten to see which was warmer, we decided with nothing it was very cold, it was warmer with the blubber and the feathers and that is how Penguins keep warm, with a combination of blubber and feathers.

Next, we had to dig around in the snow to find footprints and decide which ones were the Penguins, we then matched the other footprints to their owners.

Then we made footprints in the snow with a toy penguin and with a big foot to see which one made the deeper print, the penguin toy made the deeper print, it was hard to get a deep print with the large foot which is why the penguins and other animals living in the snow have bigger feet and webbed feet.

We then added the snow to shaving foam to make cold snow, and it was really cold, I liked to bury the penguin in the snow.

Finally, we added vinegar to our snow and watched it bubble, it was great fun.

Love Joseph

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