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Science With Joe - Floating and Sinking

Science Class today was all about floating and sinking

We had a bowl of water and a bowl of objects, we had to predict if the item would float or sink and then put the item in the water and see if we were right, we had a plastic duck, a ping-pong ball, a packing noodle, a feather a plastic lid, a stick, a cork, a stone, a toy, and a paperclip. I predicted most of them correctly.

We then had to predict if an orange would float or sink, I said it would float and I was right, we then peeled and segmented the orange and had to predict if the segments and the peel would float or sink, I was right about the segments sinking and the peel floating.

Next, we had a grape some water, and some sugar. the grape sank in the water, we then added sugar to the water and tried again until we got the grape to float, by adding the water we made the water denser, and eventually, we got the water dense enough to make the grape float. we then added more water making the water less dense again and the grape instantly sank.

Finally, we made a lava lamp by adding vinegar to a solution of water, baby oil, purple colouring, and bicarb, it was fun seeing it all bubble up and see the oil floating and sinking.

Love Joseph

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