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Science with Joe - Colour Changing

Science class this week was all about colour changing.

We had a heat-sensitive paper that changed colour when you touched it. We held it in our hands, put it on our heads and on our tummies and watched it change colour because it was hot, then as it cooled it went back to black.

Then we had 6 everyday items and tested if they were acid or alkali. We had Lemon Juice, Milk, Washing powder, Vinegar, washing-up liquid and Bicarbonate of Soda. We put them into 6 test tubes and tested them with litmus paper to see if they were acid or alkali, the vinegar and Lemon Juice were acid the rest weren't, we then added purple cabbage indicator to see what colour they turned. The Lemon Juice and Vinegar turned pink, the rest went blueish.

After that we had 3 jars with different amounts of indicator, one was 100% indicator, one was 50% indicator and one was 20% indicator they were all different shades of purple, we then added vinegar and they all turned different shades of pink, we then added bicarbonate of soda and they went back to purple again!

Love Joseph xx

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