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Science With Joe - Butterflies

27 June

Science class today was all about butterflies

We made a peg butterfly by marking a coffee filter with a pattern in black pen, then we added water and watched the colours come out of the ink, we let it dry and then used this as the wings on our peg butterfly.

We hunted for caterpillars, we had a tray full of leaves and shredded green paper and we had to pick out the caterpillars, it was easy to see the orange and yellow ones but hard to see the green and brown ones.

We ordered the butterfly life cycle and then we made our own butterfly life cycle, Joe put all the pictures in the right order and picked the pasta shapes that looked like each stage of the life cycle correctly, and glues them in place.

Finally, we made a butterfly feeder. 🦋 we threaded beads onto a pipe cleaner and then used the pipe cleaner as a handle on the metal dish.

Love Joe xx

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