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Robbie and Adele's Story

This month we are diving into Robbie and Adele’s story. Having begun their home educating journey in November, the family were finding their ‘home-ed feet’ when they discovered Little Crafters Boxes in January. After a Christmas full of crafting they delved straight into the boxes and became AQA subscribers too. Adele talks about how this was not as straight-forward of a journey as you might expect… “We found LCB in time for the January box and AQAs, enjoyed some of the builds, struggled with others and got in a muddle with trying to do too much and too many AQAs all at the same time.” It can be overwhelming attempting something new at the best of times, but when you feel the pressure of your child’s education too, this multiplies ten fold! With a bit of guidance and a new, pared-back approach Adele and Robbie soon got into a rhythm with monthly themes and selecting the AQA units that were right for their family.

Thankfully Adele has found the Little Crafter’s Boxes community to be hugely supportive and is now a regular group contributor too. Little Crafter’s Boxes prides itself on being a welcoming space for new home educators. Little Crafter’s Boxes understands that not any one size fits all and validates a wide variety of approaches as part of this. Increasing inclusivity, through availability and accessibility is key to the company mission and is evident in every strand of the business. Above anything, the support team aims to be approachable so that you can submit your children’s work without panic or fear. Mistakes are ok and are absolutely part of the process - even encouraged, for with acceptance of mistakes comes the possibility and thus potential to try and reach higher, unexplored places. It’s where the best learning happens!

Adele noted how these awards have helped motivate Robbie, enabling him to take charge of his own learning. He has completed many of these awards independently which is both confidence boosting and a great skill to attain too. Robbie likes to switch between worksheet style resources to practical projects and so it is especially handy being able to access this all in one place, under one monthly themed umbrella.

Most special of all is that Robbie feels like the community around him at Little Crafters Boxes want him to do well - for a young person to feel included and supported, albeit remotely, is a truly special accomplishment. As a consequence Adele knows that with Little Crafters Boxes, whether it be through craft projects, AQA unit awards or lessons, the education for her son is in hand and she can breathe a much needed deep sigh of relief. There is absolutely no need to worry anymore.

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Krissie Yates
Krissie Yates
Jul 03, 2023

What a lovely read and well done Robbie and Adele xx

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