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Phinley's Rainforest Creature

Phinley has always loved dinosaurs. For this reason we adopted a bearded dragon so that he could have his own dinosaur and he was called Echo. Phinley also loves marvel films and series and was captivated by the series Moon Knight which included the Egyptian Gods. Phinley then pursued searching information about the crocodile God Ammit. This has continued and was at the forefront of our Egyptian box during November. Phinley has looked into so many facts about alligators and crocodiles so for his birthday he has received a Junior Crocodile Experience which he will be attending next week at Crocodiles of the World.

Phinley therefore has based his rainforest creature on crocodiles and has written the following facts:

  • My rainforest creature My creature is a part of the crocodilian family

  • My creatures name is Malodile

  • My creature lives in the amazon rain forest

  • My creature eats fish smaller malodiles frogs and turtles

  • My creatures habitat high humidity levels and a river

By Gayle Parker

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Sherlock Clement
Sherlock Clement
Feb 12, 2023

Is it a real animal or a made up one? I really like it.

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