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Phinley's Pond Dipping Expedition

I went pond dipping with my friend. We saw the frogs mating and they were wrapping themselves in balls. They were everywhere. We even found a light green frog. We handled them carefully and I showed my little brother how to hold them. They were cute and then we looked at the frog and toad spawn. The toad spawn was in long lines between the reeds and the frogs were in clumps that looks like brains. We are watching my uncles frog spawn develop into tadpoles they hatched within a few days and I have been looking at algae under my microscope. I have also used my microscope to look at my scabs from my surgery. It shows it connecting together like hair crossed over.

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It's cool you found toadspawn and frogspawn. I found only frogspawn in my pod dipping adventure, I didn't get to see yet toads pawn.


Sam Newman
Sam Newman
Apr 28, 2023

Oh you saw some amazing things , we just saw waterboatmen when we were pond dipping today

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