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Painting the Rainforest by Jayden N

Last week I attended my first ever Little Crafter's lesson. I enjoyed it so much that I decided I wanted to join this weeks lesson as well. I learnt so much about The Rainforest.

I found out that there were 4 layers in the Rainforest. I also enjoyed meeting all of the other animals and finding out about them.

I learnt that the Giant Panda Snail lives in the forest floor. They like to eat rotten fruit. The gecko lives in the understory and they like to eat insects and nectar. The Boa Rainbow Snake can be found in the canopy layer, here they can find the food they like to eat. They like eating rodents and birds. Then in the emergent layer you can find butterflies.

After the lesson I started to build a model snake out of Lego and a chameleon out of play doh. I then decided that I wanted to paint about some of the other animals that I learnt about. After I painted these animals I then decided to paint a landscape of a Rainforest out of acrylic paints. In this painting I have hidden 4 animals for people to find.

I enjoyed my Little Crafter's lesson so much that I can't wait to join the next one.

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