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On the Fence

I came to little crafters out of desperation in the beginning. two sen children constantly excluded, all reports indicated that the environment was too much. I had huge doubts, and messaged Radha for what seem like an age.

It was an instant hit with my son (ASD and anxiety) to the point he would come home to get on with the activities. Then came AQA.

I thought why not. it may motivate my little PDA ASD ADHD miracle tornado. This little whirl wind cant even stay in her private room at school a full day. She has now completed 4 or more AQA Unit awards as mummy needs to show Radha our lovely activities.

LCB isn't just a craft box. It isn't sit and learn, its a community of understanding, ideas and support for the children and the families. Quite often we have lessons in the background and they choose to join in! It is a change and no pressure from the company but you do get hooked!!!

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