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On the Farm with Joe - Promoting Pollinators

Down at the farm today we were learning all about Pollinators.

We learned that Bees (Bumble Bees and Honey Bees) are great pollinators as well as other insects such as butterflies and moths.

They collect the pollen on their bodies and move it from plant to plant. Bumble bees put all the pollen in sacks on their back legs.

We made a picture and coloured in the middle of the flowers with coloured chalk, then used a bee toy to move from one to another and we could see the coloured chalk moving around representing the pollen.

We went for a walk round the farm looking at the fruit trees and seeing what the insects pollinate.

Then we made a wild flower seed bomb to take home and plant in our garden.

It was great fun learning about the pollinators.



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Radha Borthayre
Radha Borthayre
05 de jun. de 2023

Looks great Joe!

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