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My Christmas Card Enterprise Project

Hello, my name is Hayden (aged 10).

The Christmas Card Young Enterprise Project was about children contributing their hedgehog artwork to make Christmas cards, and then learning how to sell them.

First, the children either drew or coloured in a Christmas hedgehog, then sent them to Radha for her to put them on to Christmas cards.

We had to start thinking of ways to sell them. I asked my mum to share the link page with our family and her friends on WhatsApp, I got a couple of sales this way. I thought about putting the boxes in shops, but we couldn't afford to buy lots to sell them on.

The owner of the cafe where I do my art class bought a box to sell the cards. Then I designed a leaflet that I put in other shops.

I got some prices of what we would need, worked out it would be better for us to buy the stuff and put some boxes together ourselves. My mum loaned me the money to do that!

Once we did that, I asked if I could take the boxes to my Stagecoach Christmas Ceilidh, a charity event for Operation Santa. They said yes, so I designed a poster with prices on, with £1 for each box going to charity. When we arrived at the Ceilidh, I set up a table to sell them on. In between all the dancing, I sold a few boxes and cards there. Then I walked around each table to ask if they would like to buy a box or a card. Once the Ceilidh was done, I had sold everything! I earned £65 and I gave £7 to the charity.

I really enjoyed selling the cards at the Ceilidh, maybe next year I can sell them again, amongst other things!

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