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Libby-Jo and Joanne's Story

Libby-Jo and her mum Joanne first came to Little Crafters Boxes in March but already feel part of this special community, forging new online friendships, receiving educational support and celebrating the highs and the lows of it all and now in full circle, Joanne is doing the same for other families too.

Libby is 12, autistic and has ‘adhd, childhood trauma and severe behavioural issues’. She had always been school educated but had been struggling for a while, even within her SEN provision. In January, however, her parents decided to de-register Libby and so their journey into home education began…

When first deregistered Jo says she ‘was at a total loss of how to support and educate her’. Some of the classes and subscriptions that they tried caused Libby significant anxiety and the whole family felt the effects of this; afterall, home education can be such a gift but it is absolutely no fun for anyone if you have to squeeze and squirm to get some sort of engagement.

During these wobbly moments it is so easy to doubt your ability to support your child, your choices on their education and the undoubted flip (for the better and worse) it can have on your whole lifestyle. Joanne was no different and really felt low and hopeless. A couple of months ago though, she discovered Little Crafters Boxes and something clicked.

In April Libby (and Joanne) joined the AQA Unit Award Scheme 3 month trial and her mum says ‘it honestly has been the best decision thus far in Libby’s home-ed journey’ which is incredibly uplifting to hear. Libby has really gelled with the lessons which they say have catered so much better to her learning style than other providers. They have treasured the themed, low pressure, paced approach which focuses on invoking interest over set curriculum content. Aside from the duration being handily capped to a more achievable concentration time for a child at around 20 minutes, the Little Crafters Lessons could be described as playful, practical and child-centred. The lesson leaders really care about engaging the children, helping them to achieve their AQAs and continue to develop that love of learning. Afterall, where else would you get egg experiments to emphasise membrane permeability or someone redesigning their ponds in order to illustrate best practice!? Learning is fun and Little Crafters Boxes wants everyone to know this!

Their company ethos centres on the understanding that learning is just as much about building confidence in yourself and your abilities and feeling like you can have

positive relationships with trickier subjects, adult educators and new approaches as it is about learning the information or skills. Individuality should be cherished and so it is truly special that Libby and Jo have recognised and loved the adaptability of the AQA units and feel that they have this nurturing approach from Little Crafters Boxes too. The company’s coordinating boxes which Libby receives as part of the trial educational pack, are aimed at captivating your child’s curiosity and looking at these wonderful projects, it has certainly achieved that here. Well done Libby!

Most importantly to note here is that Joanne and Libby feel happier and more content with their approach now, stating that ‘her confidence is growing by the day and I’m so so proud of her. LCB (Little Crafters Boxes) gave me hope where I had none and I’m so excited to keep on learning alongside Libby’. At the heart of this is the notion that learning alongside your child at a pace that suits them is enough; that learning really is forever and so there is no rush… revel in play, indulge in what

interests them and most of all, keep on smiling :-).

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What a beautiful blog to read. Well done with all your hard work, Libby.

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