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LCB Lands In Chocolate World

Monday 13th Feb a group of Little Crafters put down their wood glue, stepped away from their builds and went off in search of chocolate.

They met at Cadburys world and formed new friendships as well as trying lots of chocolate.

They tempered chocolate, they wrote their names in chocolate, they even tasted chocolate. The key to day was the link to the AQA award with learning how chocolate is made with a talk "From Bean to Bar".

They had a lovely day out together as a happy LCB family. There are so many pictures and some have been shared in the Little Crafters Boxes group on Facebook - so hop over and take a look. Especially one of our Dawn having the time of her life ;)

Photo credit goes to Tracy and her Little Crafter, Joe.

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Seems like the LCB family had a great time.


Krissie Yates
Krissie Yates
Feb 23, 2023

Great photos

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