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Justin's Independent Learning

I’ve been in bad pain today due to my chronic health issues so been resting in my bedroom…..

Justin (age 14) just came upstairs to me and says “mum look I’ve just made some Egyptian papyrus paper”

I love how much he’s invested in his learning since being home educated ❤️

Justin has also told me this evening that the Egyptian AQA work is really fun and he is interested in learning much more about Egypt and the Egyptians. This has come from a boy that has a dislike for history.

Justin has really improved with his learning since being home educated. We have only been home educating since October 2022 as Justin was really struggling within a school setting. He would often ask for help from his teachers but would be ignored or told to just get on with it. This would then result in work not being completed and Justin being punished by school by way of detention as Justin would then either act out or mess about in class. He would then get frustrated and end up in fights with his peers due to feeling low and would end up being excluded from school for a few days. Since starting to home educate his mental health and attitude to learning has massively improved and his ability has improved too.

Carly (Mum)

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Krissie Yates
Krissie Yates
08 feb 2023

Well done Justin, what brilliant papyrus paper you've made. Carly, I know how you feel, my youngest couldn't cope at school, he's a different child now he's home educated. Sending love and hugs xx

Mi piace
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