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'It Started With a Gong...'

2nd Feb 2023 Thursday night live over on the LCB Facebook group started with a ‘gong’ from the singing bowl that will feature in the March box. It continued with a ‘gong’ every time someone new joined, or every time Radha had something important to say (this happened a lot!), and of course it ended with a ‘gong’!

If you’ve never been to a live before you are missing a treat. A weekly chance to catch up on all things Little Crafters but primarily started as an opportunity to interact with each other, the lives are literally a life-line for us busy parents or caregivers. There was a chance to see items from the coming boxes in action... a ‘brain’ ice cube made using the mould from the Human Body box, as well as of course the singing bowl – ah the singing bowl! Inspiring calm and peace and inner zen, unless of course you have 5 boys who will almost certainly hold it right to each other’s ears while hitting it until they work out that it’s much more fun to hit each other with the stick... watch this space!

Radha had some wonderful stats for us during the update on the AQA award scheme including the 605 units that have been passed so far this term compared to the total number for the whole of last term of 488 certificates awarded. What a fantastic achievement for the young people involved. A helpful reminder that the average number of certificates awarded per child since September 2022 is 6 – there are so many registered who haven’t yet submitted any awards – don’t let overwhelm stop you.

Radha reminded us that LCB offers so much more than an educational pack. There is a whole team on hand to support and guide you through – do make use of this fabulous resource. News of upcoming events often features as it did tonight with reminders of the event linking with the Rainforest box on 17th February at 10 am with Naomi from Animal Teach, and the monthly Computational Thinking Club. There is also an event in the pipeline for mid-March with Dr Tony Redmond, the founder of UK-MED which has sent ripples of excitement through the Little Crafters community. Details to follow soon.

Of course it wouldn’t be a proper Thursday night live without trying to extract a little secret information from the lovely ever-willing Radha. Tonight’s offerings were news that Computational Thinking Club will be growing to include Little Crafters Lessons as well as challenges and other exciting ventures. And a tiny virtual sneak peek into the April Frogs box which will feature bioluminescent algae (yes it’s a thing – I Googled it!), a pond-sweeping net, slime, as well as topics around ecology, habitats, and life cycles. New subscriptions roll over to the Frogs box on 20th February, and we can’t wait!

Give Thursday night live a try – you won’t regret it.

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Krissie Yates
Krissie Yates
Feb 03, 2023

What a fab blog, the live was such fun and oh my days, that singing bowl, I think my boys are going to drive me mad with it 🤣🤣. This was a great read.

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