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How I Choose AQA units

The first thing is that I try and completely ignore the levels! I have multiple children with a range of learning styles and abilities so ‘recommended’ stages do not often fit with our family.

I go to the LCB website to the page with the unit list here and print off all of the units for the month. I work better on paper and I can mark and highlight as I read and plan.

I then gather all of the resources I have to do with the month’s theme – this includes LCB lessons, workbooks, boxes and the Twinkl packs. I also look at the books I have at home as I collect books (or am a book addict!) so I’m sure to have something.

Once I’ve looked at the resources I already have I then talk through the list of units with the boys. I’ve already got a pretty good idea in my head of which units would work well for them but it’s important to me to take their interests into account. Sometimes they surprise me! It’s also important to have their input because they’re much more likely to stay motivated if they have chosen to do something. Often, I ‘guide’ them to certain units because I can see how it would work in real life where it can sound a bit complicated on paper.

I try and choose 1 (yes, only 1) per month for each child and if there are others we can do easily or together then that’s a bonus. Once we’ve chosen the units we head to the library for extra resources or scour the internet for helpful videos/clips – thank you Sir David Attenborough!

Sometimes the 1 we’ve chosen works out a little different in practice and so we switch it with another one. We take it 1 outcome at a time and I have my phone camera handy to take lots of photos. Then it’s all ready to submit.

PS. If there are any awards in the month that involve a step-by-step process, we always do that 1 first! Past examples have included Soap Making, Plaster of Paris, Designing and Making a Terrarium. I LOVE these units, and so do the boys!

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