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How do we pick what AQA Award to do?

Reagan is 12 years old and just completing his first year of aqas, they have been brilliant for his confidence.

We have tried doing each level from pre-entry up to functional skills some have been done to gain confidence and others to build knowledge of information already known.

We don't go by the levels but more what takes Reagans interest, when we started Reagans main interest was trains and he tried to bring all learning to trains in some way or another; through little crafters topics he has gained new interests and a lot of knowledge.

Reagan is a very hands on learner and doesn't enjoy writing at all so we have used online worksheets, little crafters builds, lessons and some experiments to make the learning enjoyable.

My 3 top tips for picking which level to go for are

- will they enjoy it?

- are the outcomes reachable

- dont overthink it there is always people on hand to help

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