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Glorious Fruit

Hi fellow Little Crafters friends.

Recently in France we decided to do a little project on fruit. We scoured the supermarket and looked for different fruits, their names and where they were grown. We had a great time spotting fruits we had not seen before. We enjoyed using our senses to see, smell and touch the various fruits. The best sense though was our sense of taste! Yum!

Now we are in Spain we've continued our project and have been picking oranges and lemons to squeeze and drink. The almond blossom has come on the trees so soon there will be almonds too. On our mountain they grow oranges, lemons, almonds, grapes, mango, avocado and olives. There are also carob trees. The donkeys eat the carob pods!

We made our own ice cream too using strawberries, honey and rice milk. It was delicious.

From Percy. Travel and adventure correspondent.

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