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Cadbury World: A Multi-Sensory Experience by Hayden

We visited Cadbury World to learn how chocolate was made and where it came from, and to eat chocolate!

We walked through a tropical Mayan and an Aztec rainforest. We heard thunder, birds chittering, snakes and other animals, water. I saw leaves and trees, native people and invaders, streams, waterfalls and flowers.

We went through Bull Street and watched a 3D info video about Cadbury. It was around here where we saw the Gorilla play the drums, too!

We walked down a hall of history and we could smell the chocolate, as at the end was where we wrote our names in chocolate. We weren't allowed to eat it, but I had a feel and a taste anyway!

We went on and tasted liquid chocolate with two choices of topping, that was nice!

There was a little ride called the Cadabra ride, which took us on a journey, I liked it, but Gwenydd really did not!

My little sister played a harvest game where you planted and grew your own cocoa tree with 3D graphics. That was her favourite part!

When walking around we met the Mini Egg Parrot and Bertie Bassett.

We went to the jungle park and played for a little bit, before the From Bean to Bar Talk where I dressed up as a worker.

Then we went to the 4D Cinema with special glasses, the chairs moved and there was cold air! That was my favourite part of the day.

We liked meeting the other LCB families, too!

It was a fun day.


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I alays wanted to go to cadbury world.

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