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Hi I'm Isabella everyone calls me Bella. I am 6 years old and home educated. I enjoy building with Little Crafters and I have been learning sign language for a few years. My mom's friend teaches me. I especially enjoy sign singing. I have been one of the budding little reporters for little crafters you might have seen me showing you BSL for different words.

Interesting fact BSL can have different signs for the same word almost like we have different accents for different parts of the UK. If you use a different sign, it doesn't mean that you or I are wrong, it just might be that in your part of the UK (or anywhere else that uses BSL) that the sign you use is more common for your area. Which is why I'm always saying "Say it as you Sign it " at least then if you are using a different sign the other person has a chance to lip read and work out what you are signing.

I'm hoping to continue being a budding little reporter via the blog with some help from mum and Radha.

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