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Amphibious pedal car make

Clara wanted to complete the AQA ‘Building and amphibious car’. In my mind that would be making a small toy car float. But in my husbands mind it’s ‘let’s make an amphibious car that a person can go in.

So Clara and her sister Tilda set about seeing how a toy car could float. Michael their dad went about buying a pedal car from Facebook.

After some trial and error the girls realised you would need a lot of floatation devises on a heavy pedal car.

In the end they went for barrels and containers and some Celetex sheets (that are for my bee hive winter insulation.)

They then looked at how it could move through water and chose to make some paddles for the wheels.

Michael made a wooden frame for the barrels to sit on making sure it would still fit in our van. They taped the barrels and containers in place and then it was ready for testing.

We were going to go to a local river with a slipway but then ended up trying it out in my sisters pool.

It sort of worked in water but would have moved better if the rear end had sat abit higher in the water so the paddles would work better.

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Radha borthayre
Radha borthayre
Jul 12, 2023

This was such a brilliant project! Well done

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