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A Froggy Blog from Krissie

Wow, we went pond dipping on Good Friday and we seen thousands of tadpoles, we didn't see any frogspawn as they had all hatched into tadpoles. Areas of the pond just looked like big black blobs because there were so many tadpoles. They're very wriggly and small. We caught some of them so we can observe them and watch them grow, we have different size ones, some are very small and others are bigger and not as black. It was fun finding them and catching them and watching them swim around. We also tested the pond water to see the different levels. We collected some pond water, tadpoles and plants for them and have them at home now. We are making a mini pond in the garden for them after finding the information on the wildlife website. It will be fun seeing them changing into frogs. My mum has a phobia of frogs so she isn't looking forward to them changing into frogs, she doesn't mind tadpoles but she really doesn't like frogs. We've bought some tadpole food and are collecting rainwater as tap water isn't safe for them.

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It sounds exciting. Can't wait to see and hear about your little pond.

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