Computational Thinking Club

Our Computational Thinking challenges take place (live) on the 2nd Friday of every month. They are delivered live in a dedicated (private) Facebook group and are available for replay if you cannot get there live. Feedback is offered to those children, who post their work in the group.

An invitation to the group will be sent to you once you are signed up. Worksheet packs will be emailed on the morning of each challenge.

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Children can submit their work in the group and receive feedback whenever they are ready.

The monthly Computer Science theme correlates to the theme of Little Crafters monthly boxes (so if you are a box subscriber, the challenge is in keeping with the same topic you will be covering that month).

You will have access to all the previous content once you are in the group too

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The club offers a monthly (no obligation) membership, where children aged 4- 14 are set a monthly practical (unplugged) Computer Science challenge. 

Challenges are set during a live stream over on Facebook, and children are able to access whatever level of challenge that is appropriate for them.

Practical tasks are offered (with varying levels of difficulty). Children are encouraged to do just the ones that they feel they can access, or find interesting.

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