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Access to AQA Unit Award Scheme


Are you an education service provider?

Would you love to offer your students access to AQA Unit Award Scheme?

We can help!

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Access to AQA UAS

  1. Register your students with us (£114 per learner per academic year)

  2. Choose units from AQA UAS database or follow our learning units

  3. Send us a completed summary sheet of what they have done and we will handle all of the admin


Certificates will be posted to you up to 3 times per academic year.

  • AQA teacher training will be provided upon registering your first pupils.

  • You must keep evidence of learner work for internal (and external) standardisation.

  • Registration runs until 30th July every academic year (regardless of when you register). After this time you will need to re-register your learners if you wish to continue for another year.

Register with us as a learning provider

Use this form to express your interest, let us know how many learners you have and how you intend to use the scheme. We will be in touch by email to help get you set up.

Thanks for submitting!

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