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The list of items is as follows: 


Budding Crafters Box (3 projects) 

  • Emergency Vehicles Set x 2
  • "Who Ate What?" Food Chain Investigation
  • The Green Cross Code- Puzzle in a Box (Part Assembled)


Crafters Box (3 projects)

  • Forensic Shoe Print Impression Project
  • Finger Print Project Pack
  • Cipher Wheel


Skilled Crafters Work Related Project Box

  • Blood type Testing and DNA model Kit


Deluxe Add on (add this to any box)

  • Owl Model and Pellet Dissection pack (pending stock levels. Once owl pellets run out, this part of the project will be ommited)


Platinum and Diamond sizes include 1 free deluxe addon.


LCI: Little Crafters Investigators Box

PriceFrom £27.99